Megaplex Online Experience

Welcome Wel-Wel-Welcome! We are happy to announce the 2020 Megaplex Online Experience is a go-go-go and we hope you will join us online August 21st- 23rd to help raise money for The C.A.R.E. Foundation. We have lots of information posted so make sure to check out everything on our site.

Dance Showcase Submissions Are Open

Do you want to show off your skills on the dance floor. Megaplex Online will be hosting a Fursuit Dance showcase. Send us a link to a video (Max 2 minutes) of your performance by August 7th to

Da Rulez:

  • No longer than 2 minutes.
  • Full or Partial Fursuit.
  • No skin showing please.
  • Has to be something new.
  • No profanity. Keep it family friendly.


Digital Fursuit Parade

Do you want to be featured in our Megaplex Online Digital Fursuit Parade? Send an email to FursuitParade@Megaplex.Online with the characters name, Species, and State/Country. Don't forget to attach a picture or two of your fursuit. Full body and good quality photos are preferred. Please make sure the pictures are family friendly!

Vendor applications are now CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Vendor Application. We have had quite a few applications and will be reviewing these over the next few days. Unfortunately there are a lot more applications than slots so we apologize to those who don't get accepted for the Online event.

Vendor applications are now OPEN

We have officially opened up the Vendor Application for Megaplex Online. get more information on our Vendor Page.

Panel Submissions Open

Are you interested in hosting a panel, meet-and-greet, or workshop in a subject area that interests you. Maybe you're a performer and can't wait to make our guest laugh, clap or sing along. Head on over to our Events page and apply for a panel.

Volunteers Needed!!

Are you interested in helping moderate our first Online convention. Check out our Volunteering page for more information