Check out this year's schedule HERE!

Our staff and contributors are providing a wonderful array of online events and activities sure to make your Megaplex Online experience really, really fun! Here are just some things that Megaplex Online will be offering.

Digital Fursuit Parade

We know that a big part of furry conventions is the fursuits and while we can't do the normal fursuit parade we still want to give people the opportunity to show off their fursuits. So we are going to have a digital Fursuit Showcase where we will show off everyones suits with a parade of photos.

Fursuit Dance Showcase

Some of the best attended events at furry conventions are the Dance Competition and Floor Wars with the attendees captivated by the dance moves of skilled dancers young and old. Show us your moves by sending in up to a 2 minute video of your dance routine and maybe your video will get selected to be shown in our Digital Dance Showcase!

Music & Dances

Megaplex Online puts a big focus on bringing live music, entertainment and special performances for your enjoyment. We are working to bring you some great musical performances as well as some awesome DJs. We are even working with the TailBass group to bring our DJs to VRChat for everyone to enjoy.


Check back for a list of some of our performances as we get closer to the event


Check back for a list of some of our DJs as we get closer to the event


Our gaming staff is looking into different programming and games that will delight and entertain our attendees. Check back soon for more info.

Charity Poker Tournament

We are investigating the possibility of bringing our Charity Poker Tournament Online. If we are able to do so legally and find an online poker solution that meets our needs you can bet we will be running this event.

Other Events

Megaplex Online has dozens of exciting events every day, including a wide selection of panels and performances, as well as interactive games and game shows for attendees of all ages. As we get nearer to the convention this year, keep an eye on this page and our news as we'll be adding events once they're penciled into the schedule.

Host An Event

Much of the programming at Megaplex Online happens because you, our attendees, are willing to take the time to host a panel, meet-and-greet, or workshop in a subject area that interests you. The same goes for our Concerts and Dances.

Would you like to host a panel? Fill out a panel application by August 1st, 2020.

Panel Submission