Running a panel From Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a powerfull tool than many streamers use however it takes a little work to use it with hopin.

You will need the following items downloaded and installed: 

Streamlabs (

VB Audio Virtual Cable found: HERE


After downloading and installing these add-ons. 

Within Streamlabs

Go to Settings, and open the Virtual Webcam tab.

"Start Virtual Webcam"


Once enabled,

Go to Advanced tab and configure the Audio Monitoring Device


How to Test? You can test at any time with

You will need to allow permission to your camera for any site to access your camera.


Within your panel 

You will want to select the newly setup Virtual Camera. As shown here.


Don't forget to join any test sessions scheduled before the con!

Reach out to our volunteer team if you have any other questions or issues.