Code of Conduct

The following policies are intended to help everyone have a safe, sane, and fun convention. In general, Megaplex asks that you show respect and courtesy toward all attendees, staff, vendors, and others. Consideration for the safety, rights and feelings of others will help to create a positive experience for everyone.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to abide by these policies and our Terms of Use while accessing the Convention Space.

  1. In General.

    As a general rule, we will not tolerate any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Megaplex Online's relationship with its guests and attendees, its streaming platform and other partners.

    If Convention Staff become aware of activities that are illegal or may threaten the welfare of the convention and its attendees, they have a duty and responsibility to inform local authorities as warranted.

    Megaplex reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or revoke registrations at any time, for any reason, including (but not limited to) the failure to abide by the policies listed here. Megaplex also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice. The board of directors of Megaplex will resolve any disputes or questionable events, if necessary, and their decision will be final.

  2. Convention Space and Staff.

    "Convention Space" is defined as any digital platform associated with Megaplex Online, including but not limited to the main stage, sessions, expo booths, networking areas, and streams accessible in Hopin. All areas in the Convention Space should be treated as suitable for all audiences unless explicitly noted otherwise.

    "Convention Staff" are volunteers whose goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable and has a great time. They will be clearly indicated as such in the Convention Space by being tagged as administrators, moderators, or another staff label.

  3. Changes to Guests and Programming.

    We strive to ensure that all announced guests and programming will go on as scheduled, but unfortunately, sometimes life happens, plans change, and technology blows up. (Our lawyer’s computer did just that while writing this.) Events, guests, and other programming are therefore subject to change or cancellation without notice.

  4. Access to Convention Space.

    Your login credentials and access to the Convention Space are for your own personal use. You agree that you will not enter false information when purchasing a ticket. You agree that you will not allow any person who has been removed or banned from Megaplex Online or any Megaplex event to use your login credentials to access the Convention Space or allow any minor to use your login credentials to access adult-only sessions. A violation of this provision will result in you being banned from all future Megaplex and Megaplex Online events.

  5. Unacceptable Behavior.

    You agree not to engage in any of the following behaviors while in the Convention Space:

    • Intentionally disrupting panels or events, including but not limited to talking, shouting, heckling, or talking back, during panels or events in a way that might distract, interrupt or upset any performers, convention staff, vendors, or attendees of any age.
    • Spamming the networking or other chat spaces with repetitive, nonsensical, or lewd comments or links.
    • Harassment or trolling of any kind.

    • Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious slurs, ethnic slurs, and other forms of bigotry.
    • Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, race, age, regional discrimination, political, or religious affiliation.
    • Espousing racist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, or other hate-mongering philosophies.
    • Inappropriate, non-consensual, and unwelcome sexual attention, including sexualized comments and jokes or unwanted sexual advances.
    • Stalking, cyberstalking, or unwanted attention. If someone tells you "no" or to leave them alone, your business with them is done.
    • Violence or threats of violence. This includes bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, physical or verbal threats, intimidation, griefing, and harmful, threatening, or abusive language.
    • Excessive lewd or generally offensive language, conduct, profanity, or gestures.
    • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior.

  6. Dealing with Unacceptable Behavior.

    • If anybody is repeatedly making you uncomfortable or you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of this Code of Conduct, please contact the Convention Staff either in Hopin or via the Contact page.
    • If you witness unacceptable behavior, even if you're not the recipient of it, plainly state to the other person "please stop doing [clearly define the unacceptable behavior]" if you feel safe doing so. (Or, "hey, that's not cool!" or "yo, we don't do that here!") Often, bad behavior stops if you publicly and clearly ask for it to stop. If you do not feel you can talk to the other person, then alert the Convention Staff. You will be believed and we will make it right.
    • If you have a complaint or a non-urgent problem that cannot be solved until after the event, we recommend writing up as many details as possible about the issue and submitting it to the Convention Staff or emailing it to This is the best means for us to listen and consider feedback, as staff may be very preoccupied during the event.

    • The senior members of the Convention Staff will resolve any disputes or questionable events. Their decision will be final.

    If someone asks you to please stop unacceptable behavior, then stop. It was likely unintentional and a brief apology will set things right.

  7. Appearing On Camera.

    When appearing on camera or in a stream, the same general rules apply that would apply to the physical Megaplex convention.

    • All areas should be considered to be suitable for all audiences, unless explicitly noted otherwise.
    • No weapons may be shown on camera, whether they are real or replicas. No exceptions will be made to this policy.
    • Dry clothes (shirt, shorts, and shoes at a minimum) are required. Clothing may not be overly revealing or inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention, such as fetish-related garb and accouterments.
    • Anthropomorphic hoods, collars (without leashes or leads), or upper body harnesses are permitted provided no other attire generally identified as fetish gear by the public nor revealing or suggestive clothing is worn.
    • Unitards or other full body clothing may be worn only if genitalia or their outline cannot be seen through the outfit.
    • Remember that bodypaint is not a costume, and that no costume is no costume.

  8. No Sales.

    You may not offer any items for sale or link to a store in the Convention Space unless you have purchased a digital vendor booth. All booths will be governed by our vendor policy.

  9. No Personal Recordings.

    You may not record any events or streams within the Convention Space without our express written permission, except for the purpose of bringing unacceptable activities to our attention. You may not distribute any recordings or screenshots to anyone other than Convention Staff.

  10. Media Release.

    You may be recorded (either on video or in chat logs) at any time while in the Convention Space. Megaplex reserves the right to authorize individuals to create and edit photographic, audio or video recording of convention space and events (many of which involve audience participation), and to distribute these productions, in whole or part, free of charge, for historical or promotional purposes. You agree that you are not entitled to any notice or compensation for the appearance of your name, alias or likeness in such productions.

  11. Other Issues.

    If a particular scenario is not specified here, the general rule listed at the beginning of this Code of Conduct will apply.

  12. Updates to Code of Conduct.

    Megaplex reserves the right to update these policies at any time, without notice. We will take reasonable steps to inform all attendees and guests of updates to this policy, but it is your responsibility to review and check these policies before accessing the Convention Space.

    These policies are intended to allow our members to have a safe, enjoyable convention experience. While we do not anticipate having to enforce these rules, be advised that Convention Staff will do so swiftly and firmly if the need arises.