Vendor Policy

Tax or licenses

All vendors are required to follow their states and countries laws regaurding payment and filing of taxes, licenses or fees for any income gained by participating in Megaplex Online. Megaplex Online and Florida United Furry Fandom, Inc. is not responsible for any penalties resulting from the failure of filing or paying such taxes, licenses or fees. Additional, we are unable to provide any assistance regaurding these taxes or fees and recommend that if you have any questions that you contact a tax or business professional in your area for assitance.

Acquisition & Use of Digital Vendor Booth Space

Vendors Must apply for a vendor space, be accepted, and subsequently purchase as digital booth prior to the online event.

Vendor applications are only opened for a limited time and will be reviewd and approve/rejected by a group of convention representatives. Vendors Ddo not owe any payment until a digital boothis approved for them, but the applicant should be ready to pay as soon as it does, or the table will be forfeited to the next person on the list.

No Digital Vendor Booth may be shared or resold without permission from the Vendor Services Director.


Cancelation of a Digital Vendor Booth must be received via email at We can not offer a refund after the online event starts.

Merchandise and Vendor Behavior Guidelines

Megaplex Online is a family friendly online event that will have minors in attendance. No material of an adult nature may be displayed in your Digital vendor booth. This includes in video, pictures, audio, text or links that are displayed in a manner that a minor may be able to view or access them.

The vendor is responsible for keeping unsuitable material out of the view of minors.

Vendors may not advertise in event, session or other vendors expo chats without unless permitted by the Performer, Moderator, or Owner of that space at that time.

Vendors are responsible for the content they share or sell and these items may not violate United States Intelectual Property laws.